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Material properties

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: 2023-12-01
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> Surely, your are welcome to use this material. It is done in English, you
> can browse it all.
> I have cited this database in my comments on properties of AlGaAs and
> AlGaInP materials.
> Also, there is a database of optical properties (n,k) of many metals
> Some of these data are used in RATRO module.
>>Can you let me know hole and electron mobility for undoped GaN and n-GaN
>>and p-GaN for doping concentration?
> Unfortunately, this database was done several years ago and it is not
> regularly updated now. That's why it is good for materials their technology
> and properties were established many years ago, like GaAs, and may contain
> misguiding data for rapidly developing modern technologies like GaN. Please
> look the GaN page
> Particularly, it says that "p-type [GaN] material does not seem achievable".
> As for the mobility, there are experimental data of years 1994-1998 showing
> surprisingly high electron mobility. I do not know how to understand these
> data...

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