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Welcome to Infotech Co.
We were founded in middle of 2006 and a trading company that imports software and hardware ,especially, compound semiconductors(III-V and III-Nitride) related to Solar Cell, optical devices (LED, LD) and electronic devices( MESFET, HEMT, PHEMT..) and Nano particles and Terahertz Image scanner.
Would become a guider in the field of NT(Nano technology), IT(Information Technology) and Semiconductor material and simulation software.

Pursue the following
-the fastest, accurate and flexible response for our customers
-change a negative situation to positive situation
-think in customer’s position
-messenger for new technology
Provides the following products
-III-N, III-V compound Semiconductor(MOCVD, LED, LD, FET) Simulation tool and materials
-Terahertz image scanner and generator
-Nano materials( Nano powders, CNT, SWCNT, MWCNT..
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