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US Research Nanomaterials Inc.
About us:
US Research Nanomaterials, Inc. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on research and development of nanotechnology. We produce our products and cooperate closely and steadily with well-known research institutions, universities, national laboratories and innovative corporate giants in nanomaterials research and development.  We are successful because we are committed to provide the highest quality products with the most reasonable price for our customers who are doing nanotech research and have formed a complete cycle of researching, manufacturing, marketing and after-sale servicing.  Our products have been sold to many countries around the world. To get more information about our nanopowders, nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, micropowders, nanoparticle dispersions and CNTs dispersions, please click the links: CNTsGrapheneGraphene OxideMetal and Oxide NanoparticlesCNTs Dispersions,  Nanoparticle DispersionsCarbon Nanofibers, Micron Powders Metal Dispersions and Superhard Materials. All our products are only for research and development purpose and metal powder user must be a professional person who must know how to use metal products - the user will take full responsibility for how to use metal nanoparticles safely.

Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (SWNTs)                                   How to Disperse Carbon Nanotubes? 

  SWNTs, >95%     High Purified SWNTs, >98%    Large Surface SWNTs, >95%  
  High Purified SWNTs, >98%    High Purified SWNTs, >98%-OH   High Purified SWNTs, >98%-COOH
  High Purified Short SWNTs, >98%   High Purified Short SWNTs, >98%-OH   High Purified Short SWNTs, >98%-COOH

  SWNTs, >90%                      

  SWNTs, >90%, -OH

  SWNTs, >90%, -COOH

  Short SWNTs, >90%            

  Short SWNTs, >90%, -OH

  Short SWNTs, >90%, -COOH

  SWNTs, >60%

  SWNTs, >60%, -OH

  SWNTs, >60%, -COOH

  Short SWNTs, >60%

  Short SWNTs, >60%, -OH

  Short SWNTs, >60%, -COOH


Double-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (DWNTs)  DWCNTs,DWCNT,DWNTs,DWNT,Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes,DWCNTs,DWCNT,DWNTs,DWNT,Double Wall Carbon Nanotubes 

  DWNTs, >60%

  DWNTs, >60%, -OH

  DWNTs, >60%, -COOH

  Short DWNTs, >60%

  Short DWNTs, >60%, -OH

  Short DWNTs, >60%, -COOH


Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs)  MWCNTs,MWCNT,MWNTs,MWNT,Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes,MWCNTs,MWCNT,MWNTs,MWNT,Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes 

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: <7nm

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: <7nm, -OH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: <7nm, -COOH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 5-15nm   

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 5-15nm, -OH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 5-15nm, -COOH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 10-20nm

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 10-20nm, -OH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 10-20nm, -COOH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 20-30nm   

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 20-30nm, -OH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 20-30nm, -COOH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 30-50nm

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 30-50nm, -OH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 30-50nm, -COOH

  MWNTs, >95%, OD: 50-80nm      MWNTs, >95%, OD: 50-80nm, -OH   MWNTs, >95%, OD: 50-80nm, -COOH
  Short Length_MWCNTs          

Short Length Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs)   Short MWCNTs,Short MWCNT,Short Multi Wall Carbon Nanotubes,Short MWCNTs,Short MWCNT,Multi Wall Nanotube

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD: <7nm

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  <7nm, -OH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  <7nm, -COOH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD: 5-15nm

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  5-15nm, -OH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  5-15nm, -COOH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD: 10-20nm

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  10-20nm, -OH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  10-20nm, -COOH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD: 20-30nm

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  20-30nm, -OH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  20-30nm, -COOH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD: 30-50nm

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  30-50nm, -OH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  30-50nm, -COOH

  Short MWNTs, >95%, OD: 50-80nm   Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  50-80nm, -OH   Short MWNTs, >95%, OD:  50-80nm, -COOH

Graphitized Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes (MWNTs)  Graphitized MWCNTs,Graphitized MWCNT,Graphitized MWCNTs,MWCNTs,MWCNT,MWCNT,CNTs,CNT,CNTs,CNT,CNTS,CNT

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD:5 -15nm

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD: 5-15nm, -OH

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%,OD: 5-15nm, -COOH

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD:10-20nm

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD: 10-20nm,-OH

  Graphitized MWNTs,>99.9%, OD: 10-20nm,-COOH

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD:20-30nm

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD: 20-30nm,-OH

  Graphitized MWNTs,>99.9%, OD: 20-30nm,-COOH

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD:30-50nm

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD: 30-50nm,-OH

  Graphitized MWNTs,>99.9%, OD: 30-50nm,-COOH

  Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD:50-80nm   Graphitized MWNTs, >99.9%, OD: 50-80nm,-OH   Graphitized MWNTs,>99.9%, OD: 50-80nm,-COOH
       CNT Films&Papers         

Research Grade Carbon Nanotube Films and Papers and Tapes

  Carbon Nanotube Bucky Papers, Thickness 30um

  CNTs Highly Conductive Films, Thickness 18um

  CNTs Highly Conductive Tapes, Thickness 18um

  CNTs Metal Films with Cu, Thickness 20um

  CNTs Metal Films with Fe, Thickness 20um

  CNTs Metal Films with Ni, Thickness 20um

  CNTs Metal Tapes with Cu, Thickness 20um

  CNTs Metal Tapes with Fe, Thickness 20um   CNTs Metal Tapes with Ni, Thickness 20um
   Enhanced Properties
   of CNT for Research     

Enhanced Properties of Carbon Nanotubes for Research

  CNTs Doped with 10wt% Ag Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 30wt% Ag Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 50wt% Ag Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 10wt% Al Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 30wt% Al Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 50wt% Al Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 10wt% Fe Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 30wt% Fe Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Fe Nanopowder
  CNTs Doped with 10wt% Cu Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 30wt% Cu Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Cu Nanopowder
  CNTs Doped with 10wt% Si Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 30wt% Si Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Si Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 10wt% Graphene Nanopowder

  CNTs Doped with 30wt% Graphene Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Graphene Nanopowder
  CNTs Doped with 50wt% Co Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Ti Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Zn Nanopowder
  CNTs Doped with 50wt% Sn Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% Al2O3 Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% SiO2 Nanopowder
  CNTs Doped with 50wt% Fe3O4 Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% BN Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 30wt% Si and 30wt% Graphene
  CNTs Doped with 10wt% B Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 30wt% B Nanopowder   CNTs Doped with 50wt% B Nanopowder
        Graphene &
    Graphene Oxide

Graphene & Graphene Oxide & Enhanced Properties of Graphene Metal Products for Research                  

  Graphene Research Grade Water Dispersion 

  Graphene Research Grade Dry Powder

  Graphene Nickel Nanoparticles Dry Powder

  Graphene Oxide Single Layer Water Dispersion 

  Graphene Oxide Single Layer Dry Powder

  Graphene Silicon Nanoparticles Dry Powder

  Graphene Nanoplatelets 99.5% Water Dispersion     Graphene Nanoplatelets 99.5% Dry Powder   Graphene Silver Nanoparticles Dry Powder
  Graphene Nanoplatelets 95% Water Dispersion      Graphene Nanoplatelets 95% Dry Powder   Graphene Iron Nanoparticles Dry Powder
  Graphene Carbon Nanotubes Mixed Water Dispersion   Graphene Carbon Nanotubes Mixed Dry Powder   Graphene Aluminum Nanoparticles Dry Powder

  Graphene CNTs Carbon Black Mixed Water Dispersion

  Graphene CNTs Carbon Black Mixed Dry Powder   Graphene Boron Nanoparticles Dry Powder
  Graphene Carbon Black Mixed Water Dispersion   Graphene Carbon Black Mixed Dry Powder   Graphene Copper Nanoparticles Dry Powder
  Graphene CNTs Silicon Mixed Water Dispersion   Graphene CNTs Silicon Mixed Dry Powder   Graphene Tungsten Nanoparticles Dry Powder
  Graphene CNTs Silver Mixed Water Dispersion   Graphene Single Layer with N Doped Dry Powder   Graphene Zinc Nanoparticles Dry Powder
   Carbon NanoFibers&
Nickel_Coated MWCNTs

Aligned Carbon Nanotubes & Carbon Nanofibers & Nickel-Coated MWCNTs                    

  Nickel-Coated MWNTs, >98%, OD: 5-15nm 

  Nickel-Coated MWNTs, >98%, OD: 30-50nm

  Graphitized Carbon NanoFibers, Purity: >99.9%

  Nickel-Coated MWNTs, >98%, OD: 10-20nm

  Nickel-Coated MWNTs, >98%, OD: 50-80nm

  Aligned MWNTs, >95%, Length: 30-100um

  Nickel-Coated MWNTs, >98%, OD: 20-30nm   Carbon NanoFibers, Purity: >95%   Aligned MWNTs, >95%, Length: 5-15um

          Special CNTs
  (New Research Grade CNT)

Special Carbon Nanotubes (New Research Grade CNT Products)

  Highly Conductive Carbon Black & Nanotube Mixed

  Nitrogen-doped Carbon Nanotubes

  CNTs-Polystyrene Microspheres by Elec-Absorption

  Super Activated Carbon & Nanotube Mixed

  CNTs Conductive Additives for Lithium Ion Battery

  CNTs-Polypropylene Resin Matrix

  Large Inner Diameter Thin Walled CNTs   CNTs-Mica Prepared by Electrostatic Adsorption    CNTS-High Density Polyethylene Resin Matrix
  Flash-Ignited Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes    CNTs-TiO2 Prepared by Electrostatic Adsorption    CNTs-LLD Polyethylene Resin Matrix
  Helical Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes   CNTs-TiO2 Prepared by Electrostatic Adsorption    CNTs-High Impact Polystyrene Resin Matrix

  MWCNTs-NH2  Modified by Amino

  CNTs-Black Carbon by Electrostatic Adsorption     CNTs Doped with 30wt% Si and 30wt% Graphene
        Fullerene C60&C70             

Fullerene C60, Fullerene C70, Fullerene C60, OH Functionalized (Polyhydroxylated Fullerene - Fullerenols)

  Fullerene C60, 98% 

  Fullerene C60, 99%

  Fullerene C60, 99.9% 

  Fullerene C70, 98%

  Fullerene C70, 99%

  Fullerene C70, 99.9%

  Fullerene C60, OH Functionalized / Fullerenols   Fullerene Fullerenols 100ppm Dispersion   Fullerene Fullerenols 1000ppm Dispersion
CNT Dispersion Products
CNT Dispersant Products

Carbon Nanotube Dispersion Products for Research  & Carbon Nanotube Dispersant Products

  SWCNTs PVP Coated   CNTs NMP Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm   CNTs Thermal Radiation Coating Dispersion
  Short SWCNTs PVP Coated   CNTs Water Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm   CNTs Transparent Static Conductive Dispersion

  MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: <7nm

  CNTs Ethanol Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm

  CNTs Graphene Mixed Water Dispersion

  MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: 20-30nm

  CNTs Isopropanol Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm

  CNTs Graphene Carbon Black Mixed Water Dispersion

  MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: 50-80nm   CNTs N-butanol Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm   CNTs Graphene, Silicon Mixed Water Dispersion
  Graphitized MWCNTs PVP Coated, OD: 10-20nm   CNTs NMP Dispersion, OD: 20-30nm   CNTs Graphene, Silver Mixed Water Dispersion
  SWCNTs Water/Ethanol/Xylene Dispersion   CNTs Water Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm   SWCNTs Doped with Ag Water Dispersion

  Short SWCNTs Water/Ethanol/Xylene Dispersion

  CNTs Ethanol Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm   Short SWCNTs Doped with Ag Water Dispersion
  CNTs Water Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm   CNTs Isopropanol Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm   MWCNTs doped with Ag Water Dispersion
  CNTs Ethanol Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm   CNTs N-butanol Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm   CNTs Alcohol Dispersant
  CNTs Isopropanol Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm   CNTs NMP Dispersion, OD: 50-80nm   CNTs Ester Dispersant
  CNTs N-Butanol Dispersion, OD: 5-15nm  CNTs Super Concentration with 15wt% Dispersion   CNTs Water Dispersant
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